Like most parts of Iceland Reykholt was deforested by the turn of the 20th century. Afforestation at Reykholt began in the 1930’s, when Þorgils Guðmundsson, a local teacher, began planting trees with the schoolchildren. In 1948 descendants and relatives of the reverend Einar Pálsson and Jóhanna K.K. Eggertsdóttir began planting trees in memory of the couple, but Einar was the pastor at Reykholt between 1908 and 1930.

In 1990 foresters from the Nordic countries, on a work exchange trip supervised by the Icelandic Forestry Association, planted trees at Reykholt. Four years later a group of Norwegians also came on a work exchange trip and planted trees as well.

The Millennium Forest at Reykholt covers an area of around 5 hectares and was planted by forestry people from around the Western part of Iceland, as well as youngsters from an international choir. The trees were planted below and above the then current forest. The planting of the Millennium Forest is a joint effort by the Icelandic Forestry Association, the Forestry Association of Borgarfjörður and the locale of Reykholt, with support from Kaupthing Bank.


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