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Who are we?

The Icelandic Forestry Association (IFA) is a national umbrella organisation for local and regional forestry associations throughout Iceland, who together form one of the largest non-governmental organisations in Iceland. The IFA was founded in 1930, making it one of the oldest environmental associations in Iceland. The IFA is an advocate of all the forestry associations, guards their interests and speaks and acts on their behalf as needed. The goal of the IFA is to further the interests of forestry in Iceland and encourage all kinds of environmental improvements. Publishing and education form a large part of the IFA ‘s activities, but the IFA also supervises and plays a part in various specific forestry projects and provides guidance and information for its member associations, businesses and the general public.

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Our people

Brynjólfur Jónsson

+354 820 2113
Editor of Skógræktarritið – The Journal of the Icelandic Forestry Association

Einar Örn Jónsson

Project manager
+354 895 6061
Supervision of volunteers, editor of Laufblaðið

Elisabeth Bernard

Project manager
+354 783 9531
Project "Skógarfólkið", social media, Lakehouse at Úlfljótsvatn

Hrefna Einarsdóttir

Office manager
+354 899 6833

Jón Ásgeir Jónsson

Project manager
+354 865 3080
Supervision of Landgræðsluskógar - Land Reclamation Forests and

Narfi Hjartarson

+354 863 6412
Supervision of volunteers

Ragnhildur Freysteinsdóttir

Project manager
+354 897 1010
Co-editor of Skógræktarritið, supervision of Yrkja and social media

Þórveig Jóhannsdóttir

Project manager
+354 858 7851
Contracts, forestry statistics


Senior receptionist

Reception, bird and sheep inspection


Assistant receptionist

Reception, food inspection


23. apríl, 2024 in News

The Icelandic Forestry Association and Nettó sign a new contract

The Icelandic Forestry Associatino and Nettó have renewed a cooperation contract for the Opinn skógur (Open Forest) project for the next two years. The contract covers varied support for forestry…
2. apríl, 2024 in News

Rangæingar Forestry Association Annual General Meeting 2024

The Rangæingar Forestry Association will hold its annual general meeting on Tuesday, April 9th at 19:00 at the Hella Congregation Hall, Dynskálar 8. In addition to regular meeting activities Kjartan…
19. mars, 2024 in News

The Forestry and Land Conservation Association under Jökull Annual General Meeting 2024

The annual general meeting of the Forestry and Land Conservation Association under Jökull will be held on Sunday March 24, at 17:00. The meeting will be held at the cafeteria…

Our work

Our publications

The association organises a variety of educational events, both by itself and in collaboration with others, and publishes an assortment of educational and informative material. Its regular publications are Skógræktarritið (Journal of the Icelandic Forestry Association) – the only journal focused on forestry in Iceland, a newsletter called Laufblaðið (The Leaf) and Frækornið (The Seed) – a small information leaflet dealing with specific topics, for example individual tree species. In addition to these regular publications the association has throughout the years published one-off or special publications, such as brochures related to specific projects or events.

Our areas

The association manages two forestry areas – in the Brynjudalur valley and at the Úlfljótsvatn farm, both about one hours drive from Reykjavík. At Brynjudalur the association has cultivated Christmas trees in a recreational forest setting for over a quarter of a century. The Úlfljótsvatn farm was bought by the association in 2011 and is co-owned with the Icelandic Boy and Girl Scout Association and the Reykjavík Scouting Union.

Our projects

The IFA is a partner in or supervises several forestry projects, in collaboration with individual forestry associations and other organisations and funds.

The main projects that the association works on are Landgræðsluskógar (Land Reclamation Forests), Tré ársins (Tree of the Year), Kolviður (Iceland Carbon Fund), Opinn skógur (Open forest), Yrkja (Yrkja fund) and Landgræðslusjóður (Land Reclamation Fund).

The IFA has also participated in numerous other projects, both one-off projects and projects that ran for a limited number of years.

Volunteering programme

The Icelandic Forestry Association (IFA) runs many different projects in the field of afforestation and environmental improvement and over the course of its history many volunteers, both domestic and international, have taken part in this work. For more information on our volunteering programme – click here!

The Lake House of Úlfljótsvatn

The association has a license for operating a small guesthouse at Úlfljótsvatn.  The Lake House of Úlfljótsvatn is open for visitors from October to the beginning of May. Guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery and quietness of Úlfljótsvatn and the mountain Búrfell. The ambition of the guesthouse is to develop further the awareness of the need of forests and reforestation and promote our activities internationally. Special projects for the house will be developed in the future based on that perspective.

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