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Call for presentations and posters for the Annual Iceland Forestry Conference

Með 25. janúar, 2024News

The Iceland Forestry Conference 2024 will be held in Hof, Akureyri, 20-21 March. Presenters are requested for the second day of the conference and posters will be displayed during the conference.

The theme of this year’s conference is Forest Resources – Infrastructure and Planning. The Iceland Forestry Conference is organized by Land og Skógur (Land and Forest), the Agricultural University of Iceland, the Icelandic Forestry Association, the Icelandic Forester’s Association and the Icelandic Farmers Association.

Presenters and discussions on the theme form the agenda of the first day of the conference, while the second day is a space for all kinds of topics related to forests and forestry, research, forestry technology and related topics. Applications for space in the agenda for presenters can be made on a special form and also if people wish to submit a poster on the poster presentation of the conference.

The deadline for submitting proposals for presentation is 31 January 2024. All applicants will be answered in the first week of February.

Deadline for submitting poster proposals is 10 March 2024.

Registration for the conference will begin in the first half of February.

Further information can be found (in Icelandic) at: