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Forestry association membership cards 2024-2025

Með 23. janúar, 2024News

The forestry association membership card is now electronic. The card is valid for as long as a member is registered in a forestry association but is updated annually. It has been updated for the current year (i.e. for the period 2024-2025).  

Users with an active membership card in their phone wallet need not download it again. The card should update automatically on Android phones when it is opened in the wallet, but you can also press the “circle” button at the bottom right to update the card. iPhone users need to go into the wallet and on the “back” side of the card (the three points in the upper right corner), click on “Pass details” and then stroke down the screen and the card should then update. 

Members who do not already have an electronic card can contact us to check if an active e-mail address is registered with us and get a link sent to access the cvard. Contact us by e-mail at or call 551-8150.