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Hvatningarverðlaun skógræktar – The Forestry Encouragement Award: Open for voting!

Með 23. febrúar, 2024febrúar 29th, 2024News

The Forestry Encouragement Award will be awarded for the first time this year. The aim is to present the Award each year to individuals, groups, companies, associations, or institutions that have done excellent work in the interests of forestry in Iceland.

A call for nominations for the 2024 Forestry Encouragement Award was sent out and almost 40 nominations were received. A jury of three chose candidates for a general vote. The Award will be given at the Annual Iceland Forestry Conference, which will be held in Akureyri, March 20-21.

Take part in picking the recipient and cast your vote for the Forestry Encouragement Award! Voting is open until 5 March – see:ðlaun-skograektar-kosning



Sigurður Arnarson. Sigurður has been active in writing educational and interesting articles on tree species, forests and forestry, thus helping to increase knowledge for both the general public and people in the forestry sector. In addition, he has been active in discussions on forest-related issues.

Steinar Björgvinsson and Árni Þórólfsson. Steinar and Árni have, through their work for the Þöll Nursery and the Hafnarfjörður Forestry Association, contributed to the increased diversity of tree species in general in Iceland, the development of recreational forests, provided education to the general public and students in the field of forestry and hosted interesting events for people of all ages.

Lækjarbotn Waldorf School. The Waldorf School has been growing trees at the school since its starting. Environmental awareness, sustainability and respect for nature are integrated into the school curriculum and students learn how to foster the forest that has been grown up at the school. This will help grow up the foresters of the future.