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Mosfellsbær Forestry Association Annual General Meeting 2024

Með 15. febrúar, 2024mars 11th, 2024News

The Mosfellsbær Forestry Association will hold its annual general meeting on Tuesday, March 12th, 20:00, at the house of Björgunarsveitin Kyndill at Völuteigur 23 in Mosfellsbær.


  1. Election of the meeting chair and secretary and the chairman of the meeting
  2. Board Report 2023
  3. Association’s accounts 2023
  4. Membership fee 2024
  5. Election of the board and auditors
  6. Other matters

After the regular meeting activities Þröstur Þorgeirsson and Magne Kvam will give a presentation on mountain bike routes in the Associatoin’s area in Mosfellsdalur. They will present the planned development of mountain bike routes in Varmaland and Æsustaðahlíð.

Refreshments on offer.