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Skógarleikarnir 2019 – Forestry Games 2019

Með júlí 4, 2019ágúst 7th, 2019News

The Reykjavík Forestry Association will host its annual Forestry Games on Saturday, July 6, between one and five o‘clock.

Foresters will compete in various forestry sports, such as debranching, tree felling, axe throwing and more.

Various other activities will be on offer, for the entire family – whittling instructions, demonstrations of dyeing with plants, tree climbing, carving sculptures with a chainsaw and forging, a guided walk through the forest, axe throwing and a sorceress in a teepee!

Guests can also bake bread over an open fire and there will be refreshments on offer – a BBQ, kettle coffee and more.

The Forestry Games are on Instagram: skograektarfelagreykjavikur and on Facebook.