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The Icelandic Forestry Association and Nettó sign a new contract

Með 23. apríl, 2024News

The Icelandic Forestry Associatino and Nettó have renewed a cooperation contract for the Opinn skógur (Open Forest) project for the next two years. The contract covers varied support for forestry and cooperation on infrastructure development of forests. Nettó has supported the Open Forests project for years, as it fits well with the company’s environmental strategy.

Today there are seventeen forests across the country under the banner of the Open Forest project, where outdoor recreation facilities, forest trails, signs and information posts have been set up.

“The forests should be easily recognizable to people travelling around the country, but all of them fly blue Nettó flags,“ says Helga Dís Jakobsdóttir, Nettó’s marketing director. „The Forestry Association is pillar in nature and environmental conservation in this country, and we are therefore extremely happy with this collaboration and to be able to continue developing and improving access to forests so that more people can enjoy the Icelandic forests. Now that spring is in the air, we hope that as many people as possible will visit a Nettó forest, but visiting a forest and being together good for your health”.

Jónatan Garðarsson, chairman of the Icelandic Forestry Association, says, „Our collaboration with Nettó is part of ensuring continued work to open forests for public access along main thoroughfares throughout Iceland. We see a great increase in the use of forests, but in recent years the popularity of sports and health events in the country’s forests has increased greatly, and this applies whether they are competitions or events intended for the general public. This has great value for public health and forest culture, which we are proud to uphold.“

More about the collaboration

The main goal of the collaboration is to improve facilities and increase access to forests in the first place and to share education about life, nature, and history so that the public can use the forests for rest stops, outdoor recreation, and health benefits. The contract guarantees the operation of the project for the next two years, in addition to promoting it.

Helga Dís Jakobsdóttir, Nettó’s marketing director and Jónatan Garðarsson, chairman of the Icelandic Forestry Association, sign the contract.