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2017 – European beech (Fagus sylvatica) at Hellisgerði in Hafnarfjörður, SW-Iceland

Með júlí 19, 2022ágúst 9th, 2022English

The Tree of the Year 2017 is a European beech in the public park Hellisgerði in Hafnarfjörður. Beech is a very rare tree species in Iceland, as it generally prefers a much warmer and longer summer than is usually on offer in Iceland. The Hellisgarði park was established in 1922. Little information exists on the early cultivation efforts there. The tree was measured at the nomination ceremony and turned out to be 9,05 m in height, with a circumference of 1,3 m.

Location on Google Maps:

An article (in Icelandic) from Skógræktarritið – The Journal of the Icelandic Forestry Association about the tree (here).