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2014 – European larch (Larix decidua) at Arnarholt in Borgarfjörður, W-Iceland

Með júlí 19, 2022ágúst 9th, 2022English

A European larch at the farm Arnarholt was nominated as the Tree of the Year 2014. The farm has existed since settlement times in the 9th century, so has a long-standing history. The tree was planted in 1909, making it over a century old. It most likely came from the plant nursery at Rauðavatn near Reykjavík. It stands on a steep slope, facing southwest in a grove of trees of different species (e.g. Siberian larch, rowan and birch), some planted at the same time but others much younger (e.g. Norway spruce). The farmers at Arnarholt always took good care of the grove of trees. The larch tree was measured at the nomination ceremony and turned out to be 15,2 m in height, with a trunk circumference of 2 m at 60 cm height.

Location on Google Maps:

An article (in Icelandic) from Skógræktarritið – The Journal of the Icelandic Forestry Association about the tree (here).